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Origin of Blackball Tables

Tuesday 2nd April, 2019

The concept of Blackball Tables owes it’s resounding success to the knowledge, foresight and dedication of Ross McInnes and Michaela Tabb.

Michaela Tabb is famously known as a snooker and pool referee and the first woman to have refereed at the final of the World Snooker Championships.
Michaela is also a former player on the women’s 8ball pool circuit, where she won numerous titles as a solo competitor and as a member, and later captain, of the Scottish Ladies’ Pool Team.

Similarly Ross McInnes has been highly successful at international level as an 8ball player.
Indeed Ross has won just about everything there is to win at pool and has deservedly gained legendary status not only as a player but as a trusted administrator and sports promoter.

Blackball Tables is in fact the brainchild of Ross who’s unsurpassed knowledge of pool as played on the ‘small table’ has been acquired through his involvement with the sport for more than forty years.

Frustrated with the standard of certain highly priced and overrated 8ball pool tables on the market, Ross McInnes made a decision…

“My focus was to create a high quality table top with a superb playing surface at a competitive price.
It was also important to me that the tables were fully manufactured in the United Kingdom to the very highest standard as I wanted our product to be the best version of my vision.
To that end my team chose to have discussions with the Director of Optima Pool in the UK, Paul Adams.”

There’s no doubt that Ross has realised his dream and has been instrumental in the creation of a table of exceptional quality at a competitive price.

Working with Optima Pool a unique table was designed boasting cushions which provide a uniform reaction and bounce.
This was achieved with the addition of extra table clips to hold the cushions securely in place.
The tables are also constructed with pockets in which ball bounce-outs, back on to the playing surface, are reduced to an absolute minimum.

There are two forms.

  • The tighter pockets on the ‘Blackball Elite’ are perfect for pool played to international and European standards.
  • The ‘Club’ table is manufactured to the same quality but with standard size pockets which may be preferred by the everyday player.

Blackball Tables are now exported worldwide, not least to Australia where the outstanding quality and performance of the product is increasingly recognised as tables become installed in homes, pubs and clubs throughout the nation.

Contact the Australian supplier of Blackball Tables

Mark & Samantha
Mobile: 0448 378 872
Email: bt8aus@outlook.com